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Part 2 of our year end wrap up the Jo(h)ns discuss the first year of the "next-gen" consoles, whether or not they are performing as well as previous transitions, their reliance on previous generation titles, and the over-all ramifications of consoles as a gaming device in general.

Plus some real talk about John's time working for the government and JonJon's experiences being involved with a failed lifestyle magazine. 

Don't sue us please.

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It's the time of year where thoughts turn to sugar plums and candy canes and best of lists. The Jo(h)ns talk about their favorite moments from the receeding generation of consoles. A send off for the PS3/Xbox 360 era. 

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This week, the Jo(h)ns consider their recent migration from console to PC gaming. How is it that the shift felt so natural? What does it say about the current state of consoles? Why don't they feel more elitist?

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As the holiday season approaches, the Jo(h)ns give thanks for the bounty of games that Steam provides by complaining about its flaws!  No but seriously, there's a lot of complaining.  But we love you, Steam!  Never take your amazing sales and wares away from us.

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In the aftermath of their #gamergate episode, the Jo(h)ns very organically decide to have a little me time in the form of (with apologies to Nerdist) a non-topic-driven Hostful episode.  Nerdist, please don't sue; we mean no disrespect and you inspire us.  That and we have nothing for you to take, really. Except our love. 
Among the topics discussed:  the bummer that was the Karissa the Destroyer prank(?); JonJon being ethnically Catholic; open-world fatigue; the open-world approach (Skyrim vs. Saint's Row);  accusations of Bethesda language and region-blocking; Lego Marvel and the intent of 2-player-design; John finally coming clean to his mother about his (and everyone's, really) love affair with porn and lots of other stuff!


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The Jo(h)ns have an overdue moment. 

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This week, once again, John and a very sleepy JonJon brave the dangers of nighttime to talk about Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts, and touch on whether the game's visual style is suitable for its heavy subject matter. 

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This week, John and a very sleepy JonJon brave the dangers of nighttime to talk about Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts, and touch on whether the game's tone is suitable for its heavy subject matter.  In the intro, IT'S CAPTAINS MARVEL ALL DAY, SON



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The Jo(h)ns continue their post-mortem on the Walking Dead, and touch on how, as with any artistic and storytelling medium, the player's own history can shape how they internalize the work.

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It's that time again. Another Telltale point and click adventure game has come to a close. Season 2 of The Walking Dead caught us by surprise. The final chapters wrapped up in one of the most harrowing ways possible. So of course we had to discuss the emotions dredged up from the bottoms of our respective psyche. 


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