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Fresh off the lonely open black of Elite Dangerous, the Jo(h)ns consider the role that space has played in video games. What follows is a discussion of tropes, space as a setting vs space as a character, and the role science fiction plays when discussing our own histories and cultures. Oh, and John space-abandons his fucking space-on-again-off-again space-affair. What a fucking space-dick.

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Losing is a part of winning. Yin and Yang. Inspired by some comments made by a few football coaches on a popular NPR program, the Jo(h)ns decided to discuss what videogames can teach us about losing. The coaches seem to think the advent of the reset button makes kids afraid of challenge. 

We respectfully disagree. 

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Idle hands are usually good for gaming. Who better to play video games than people with free time? Unfortunately the Juans at Level 30 Plus have found themselves with less and less time to devote to games recently.

Enter the "Idle Games". A relatively new genre of game that can be played with minimal interaction on the part of the player. The best experience typically comes from doing something else in the meantime and only checking in for a short distraction. Today we talk about two interesting examples: The browser based "Cookie Clicker" and Steam based "Mountain".

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John with an H has a little theory. Or call it a generalization. Seems to him there are three ways a mobile developer can focus their game and make a name for themselves on the crowded mobile market.

Focus on Art, Gameplay, or Income. There are exceptions to every rule of course but this seems to be the big three. Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think!

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In this episode the Jo(h)ns continue to talk about food. Video games work their way in eventually. This time the discussion revolves around the episodic nature of the games discussed in last week's episode; Kentucky Route Zero and Broken Age. Can you trust a game that hasn't even come out completely? 

We like to think so.

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This week, the Jo(h)ns talk about food.  Yeah, really.  But THEN, they talk about two games they've recently played -- Kentucky Route Zero and Broken Age.  One seems to take the point-and-click genre in brand-new story-driven directions using the language of stage plays, while the other is a welcome throwback from a creator considered to be a master of the genre.  Once a upon a time, we thought the point-and-click was dead.  Did it really die, though?  Or did it just shrink and grow feathers?  *CUE JURASSIC PARK THEME*

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Welcome to 2015 fellow Levelers! We've missed you.

This week, JonJon and returning guest Ben drag John with an H kicking and screaming into his first complete horror game playthrough. The game du jour is Matt Gilgenbach's literally sketchy and personal opus, "Neverending Nightmares".

Along the way, our hosts discuss with Ben the horror genre, how horror works in different mediums, and how horror draws/repulses people.

Happy New Year bitches!

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It's the time of year where thoughts turn to sugar plums and candy canes and best of lists. The Jo(h)ns talk about their favorite moments from the receeding generation of consoles. A send off for the PS3/Xbox 360 era. 

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This week, once again, John and a very sleepy JonJon brave the dangers of nighttime to talk about Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts, and touch on whether the game's visual style is suitable for its heavy subject matter. 

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The Jo(h)ns continue their post-mortem on the Walking Dead, and touch on how, as with any artistic and storytelling medium, the player's own history can shape how they internalize the work.

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