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Our friend and Tokyo comedian David Gutteridge joins us to tell us why he plays games but isn't a "gamer," and what gaming was like in Ye Oldene Dayes before the arrival of the NES.


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Things dip into the realm of After School Special in this, the second half of our conversation with the great bear wrestler, Zangief of Russia. Tune in to learn the wisdom that comes from survival in the cold wastes of Siberia. 

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Pretty much what it says on the tin.

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[PART 2 OF 2]  The Juans continue their discussion of their video game pasts, and lay out the responsibility the gaming community has to not be jerks.  Or, more specifically, to be inclusive and nurturing yet non-pushy and non-creepy non-jerks.

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John and JonJon discuss their video game pasts, and reexamine some of their opinions.

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The Stanley Parable is a game full of some stupid shit: a giant inescapable room of rotating colored buttons that accomplish nothing, a mini game where you yank a cardboard baby away from a fire for four hours straight, and an achievement for not playing the game for five years. 

And this is how it gets real with you. 

Being self-examining, weird and challenging is part of any artistic medium’s development. We love The Stanley Parable for doing just that.

Enjoy the show! Check us out at www.levelthirtypluspodcast.com for the full show notes and links.

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Games have a long standing tradition of combat as conflict resolution. But we also know that games are capable of so much more. This week we touch on the discussion of what non-combat games can do for this growing artistic medium by talking about two great examples -- Gone Home and Papers, Please.

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John with an H and Jon Jon bring in their friend Dr. Travis Love to talk about a recent resurgence in games that revel in difficulty. FTL, Super Meat Boy, Spelunky. All of these are examples that we use. 

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Back from a well deserved break the boys delve deep into the realm of TellTale Games' properties. Main focus? The Wolf Among Us but The Walking Dead can't help but jump scare out of nowhere time and time again. 

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This week is our first guest, Ben!! We talk about family and Minecraft in a plethora of stupid, silly voices. 

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